Fall arrest protection


Our passion: your safety at heights

A passion for safety at heights.

We think about every detail. We offer a wide range of PPE to protect against falls from a height, technical advice and technical training.

Our Products


Here you will find the most comprehensive range of fall arrest harnesses on the market in accordance with the most stringent European standards: EN361, EN358, EN813 y EN1497.



Here you will find the most innovative helmets for working at heights according to EN397 and models equipped with the Mips system.


Here you will find a wide range of positioning ropes, connection ropes and stretch ropes. Our company has put most of its attention and dedication into the development and continuous improvement of our rope range.

Fall arresters

In this section you will find all types of equipment certified to stop a fall in the safest way. Energy absorbers, sliding lifelines and retractable lifelines is the type of equipment you will find.

Descenders and evacuation systems

Irudek manufactures a wide range of equipment for vertical work, rope-access work, rescue and evacuation.


At Irudek we manufacture a wide range of anchoring devices in accordance with the EN362 standard, in order to offer a wide variety of alternatives to the user.

Anchoring devices

Anchors are the most important part of a fall arrest system as they are the point at which these systems are connected. That is why at Irudek we manufacture different types of anchors, thus offering a solution for practically any type of work.


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